Yoga for Corporate:

Yoga is not just about being able to perform advance asanas and some yoga flow. It is a holistic approach to physical and mental health,Corporate Yoga is the extended version  of working peacefully in the midst of a hectic work life.

Long working hours, stress of reaching targets, long distance  commute, irregular eating habits, continuous sitting desk jobs, bad sitting postures, all combine together will cause highly stressful life ,  bad health which creates back pain neck pain etc along with inefficient at work and thus despairing workforce. As a solution practicing yoga everyday for 20 minutes will help them to get out of all these issues. Given the lifestyle of “ no time for anything” kind of situation, Corporate yoga can be the best solution to have a better work environment. Spare 15  minutes for the practice at workplace and rest 8-9 hours of work will be much more productive than before. This can be changed by just one right decision of conducting yoga sessions at work.

Major benefits of corporate yoga

Stress Reduction – By teaching different simple breathing techniques and meditation techniques, one can easily control stress which will help them to be focused on work which leads to productivity at work.

Fixing health issues – People who are working at desk or standing, what ever given by their job profile tend to build health issues like back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headache and many more and solution is not always going to doctor or eating medicine but practicing yoga on a regular basis can help them alot. Simple stretches  done in a right way can heal their health issues. Health issues mentioned above can bring their work efficiency down so start yoga at work to be more productive and healthy.

Keep the confidence high – Yoga can help people to get a better physique. As exercise releases endorphins into the system leading to a sense of well-being, healthy body will always lead to  a better mind which gives you a positive attitude and confidence. This is much needed at work to prove themselves at every step because employees represents the organisation.

Morale – it’s one of the important aspects which need to be carried in the organisation on a regular basis to keep things smooth at work place. Higher morale, happier employees.. Yoga can be a good activity to up bring the morale by gathering employees during their work space.

Increasing productivity: when employees are healthier without having much of health issues, they can contribute better towards the work which will obviously increase the productivity at work which is a win win situation for both both employees and the organisation.

Here we introduce  following corporate programs:

  • Stress Management
  • Program for weight loss (also includes nutrition consultation)
  • Meditation and Relaxation techniques
  • Customized Asana practice depending their job profile
  • Yoga to cure depression
  • Fixing health issues by asana practice – back pain neck pain etc

These sessions are customized as per the requirements of employees given their job profile.The sessions can be conducted either once in a month as a health awareness programs or we can also conduct the sessions on a regular basis.  

Note: kindly reach out to us for more details and make your organisation a healthy place for your employees.