Husna Banu (Neha)

Husna Banu (Neha)


Trainer Introduction

Husna , with MBA Degree and IT Start-up Professionals job, got attracted towards YOGA a few years back for general fitness and Peace of mind, But slowly she started enjoying each and every class she attended. YOGA started running in her blood and very soon became her passion with a broader view.

             That’s when she thought why can’t I, be a source for people to learn and explore yoga. She had a wish to spread our ancient knowledge amongst the people and the dream came true with lots of hard work, dedication, and selection of teachers, who won’t just teach but preach Yoga.

       She had her own Yoga Show coming up with TV5, which is a Kannada News Channel and handled more than 100 people during Corporate sessions for different companies. Also she was handling the session at Indian Army  ASC center. She has her You Tube Channel running successfully with 25k subscribers and teaching yoga through You Tube digital platform to lakhs of people.

                As she was alone, it was not easy but when you are working towards the benefit of society-nature brings solution and things fall in place by Gods grace. She is the  founder  of Roof Top Yoga, Koramangala and claim to follow the right  ethics  at this Yoga Shala.

              She makes time to visit the studio at least once and loves to teach to know her students better In spite of her busy schedule. She treats the place like her baby and respects her teachers as elder Family members.

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