Yoga escape in Goa


This retreat is designed for a complete escape from the regular life where you will be in the middle beach and nature for 3 days to experience the beauty of nature. You will be kept on pure healthy food which will help you to detox your body and the yoga practice you will go though along with Kriyas will help you to detox your mind as well. The whole idea of  this retreat is to give you the nature experience along with self engagement and that is the reason we chose this beautiful place in Goa  right next to the beach  You will stay with other participants through  out this retreat journey where you will spend your time with strangers.
You will also experience journey which is different than normal life and find an escape.
Activities to cover:
Yogasana Practice
Deep meditations
Kriya for cleansing
Work on back bends
Sight seeing
and more
Date                   : 28th 29th and 30th of June 2019
Place                  : South Goa
Registration fee : Rs 15999/- (This will include all the travel expenses including transportation, stay, food and the yoga sessions ).
Inquiry              : call at +91 8310764597 for more information.